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The only online parenting course that will Help you instill success principles instead of arguing about problems with your kids!

Emotionally Strategic Parenting helps you love your kids through the process of learning to embrace independence.

Hi, I am Matt Maynard.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Private Practice Owner in Westport, Connecticut.

Parents have called me for years desperate for strategies to help them "manage" their children. They came to me after reading all the "popular parenting" books. Attending parenting workshops. Listening to "expert parents". None of it was working for the LONG HAUL.

Emotionally Strategic Parenting was developed for parents to work themselves OUT of a job, instead of further into one.

Lawn mower parenting, helicopter parenting, and free range have all fallen short for ONE reason. They only look at to solve problems FOR their kids, instead of instill PRINCIPLES to allow their kids to be empowered!

The world, more so than ever, needs self-sufficient, empowered, and mentally tough young adults. They need resilience to succeed. I am committed to helping parents raise the next generation of leaders and emotionally free thinkers. I know you are too or you wouldn't be seeking out this resource.

So what are you waiting for?

It is possible to create emotionally resilient, self-sufficient kids without the power struggles or incentivizing. I've done it with HUNDREDS of parents!

Just Imagine...

  • Your kids coming home from school to complete their homework immediately, feeling accomplished.

  • Having more fun and playfulness on a consistent basis.

  • Getting appreciation for when do you choose to help your child.

  • Your teenager ASKING what time they need to be home instead of TELLING you what time.

  • Your kids being mindful of time and being proactive in getting themselves ready.

  • ZERO temper tantrums when you tell them "no".

  • You and your co-parent being able to have clarity and balance to your parenting approach.

  • Feeling respected and loved when you and your kids interact, even under stress.

  • Getting back the relationship you lost. FOR GOOD!

I know that these seem like exaggerated claims, I get it. But every one of these examples come directly from my clients success. I'm proud to say that these outcomes are common for my clients.

With Emotionally Strategic Parenting it is easier (and far less stressful) than you think.


100% Online, Self-Paced, and Straightforward!


NO FLUFF-Uncover and Solve CORE Problems


Create mind blowing awareness in yourself and approach in just a few days.


Workbook Included to Help Create Awareness and Breakthroughs FAST!

All of my clients have found hope and sustainable changes in their family dynamic. They followed this step-by-step system that focuses more on instilling principles, rather than focusing on problems.
This is what makes Emotionally Strategic Parenting different from ANYTHING else available.

Here’s what parents are saying about their success

"My husband and I were having endless altercations with our 15-year-old son. His unbalanced focus on gaming was disrupting his focus on school, socializing and personal hygiene. Our interactions with him were combative and his personality was volatile and “joyless”. We reached out to Matt as a last resort as our own attempts to improve our relationship with our son and affect his approach to life were not successful. Matt’s guidance was transformative. Matt’s (often humorous) approach piloted us to a place where our son eventually took ownership of the balance in his own life. In a relatively short period of time the interactions with our son became less volatile and more productive. We witnessed him taking ownership of managing his time, personal space, and personal hygiene. Matt’s approach changed the unhealthy dynamic we “unknowingly” were perpetuating with our son. Our son is now “owning” his successes. He takes pride in the balance he has created in his life and seeks out time to talk to us about his academic/life pursuits. Our relationship has improved beyond what we could have ever anticipated. Our time spent following Matt’s strategies and guidance has decompressed our homelife and brought back that “peace of mind” that all parents have when their child is on a positive trajectory in life. We are beyond grateful."

K and S-Parents of 2

"It's working. You literally just handed me a KEY! I can't believe they are more independent without begging for my help to do it for them."

G.S.-Mother of 3

"Matt I am still in shock as I write this email. I almost fainted. My son just asked me if he is contributing better. OMG! He gets it!"

D.C.- Mother and 2

Breakthroughs Happen Here

You can become the supportive parent you've always wanted to be.

"The quality of life for any individual is the quality of the relationship they have with themselves, their partner, and their family members."

Matthew Maynard, LMFT

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